Changing lives one connection at a time by connecting our communities to what means most to them!

Current Community Fiber Builds

We’ve Been Building For Over 70 Years

Since 1949, RTC Communications, a not-for-profit member-owned organization, has focused on meeting the communication needs of our surrounding communities and has grown over the years from a basic dial-tone telephone service provider to a leader in communication services in Southwest Indiana. Today, we are a leading rural communications company serving the internet, voice, and advanced business service needs of customers in Daviess, Martin, and Lawrence counties.

RTC is a Certified Gigabit and Smart Rural Community Provider and has provided internet access and online products to this region since 1995. We are leveraging our knowledge, intelligence, and expertise as well as going where we are welcome, invited, and have seen a need for services.

Having access to high-speed reliable internet is critical in today’s everyday life, and RTC is committed to supporting crucial expansion efforts that are needed in Southern Indiana to provide just that, high-speed, reliable, fiber-optic internet. We also provide affordable, reliable telephone services including long-distance with many options, both in and out of our cooperative areas. RTC’s unlimited local calling, along with a wide array of calling features and long-distance plans, make life easy.

With the new network, residents and businesses will be able to utilize the infrastructure to work from home (telework), conduct virtual doctor visits (telehealth), learn online (eLearning), take virtual tours (eVisits), take advantage of more advanced technology, and streamline daily operations. 

RTC offers a complete range of communication products and services backed by local customer service, and we are “changing lives one connection at a time” by connecting our communities to what means most to them!

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Customer Testimonials

We are the envy of many people we know who live in cities to the south of us who do not have access to fast, reliable service.
Dale W.

I had the unfortunate circumstances of my phone & internet lines being cut twice, in about a week’s time, by people working at my house. Each time, I called RTC & they promptly sent Noah to correct the problem. Which he did, with cheerfulness & courtesy. I can’t overstate how much of a relief it was to be able to call people I’m familiar with & have them take my concerns seriously. Then work diligently to fix the issue.
Jacquelyn C.

I have been with RTC for as many years as they have been in existence and have had no trouble at all. Employees are very helpful in all aspects!! Glad to be a part of this wonderful corporation!!!
Pamela A.

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