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High Speed Internet Access and Options That Fit Your Business

Your business uses the Internet for many critical operations – electronic commerce, e-mail, remote access, productivity, and much more. With Intelecyn Metro E, you get high speed, dedicated Internet access with the features you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, and employees. Intelecyn Metro E is no ordinary Internet connection. You get the reliability you can count on with associated service level agreements, optimal performance, scalability, and business security features.

Intelecyn Metro E is a dedicated internet access service that combines a dedicated connection with synchronous bandwidth and provides performance connectivity. It is one of the purest forms of internet access and is ideal for companies that can potentially suffer real-time revenue losses due to high latency or downtime. If your company requires internet for mission-critical applications like video conferencing communication or you have a number of users, your business will need a dedicated internet.

An Internet Connection Just For Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the demands on your network infrastructure can be enormous to say the least. Your internet or customer information requires the highest level of security and network reliability. Situations like these call for nothing less than a rock-solid, yet robust connection to the internet that is highly resilient with automatic core re-routing if any routes fail offered by Intelecyn Metro E.

Traditional vs. Dedicated (Intelecyn Metro E)

To best understand Intelecyn Metro E, you must first understand traditional (shared) broadband. Internet speed for shared users is based on the total bandwidth of their connection divided by the number of networks on that connection. When many networks are using the connection during high trafficked times of the day, the connection gets bogged down. Whereas with Intelecyn Metro E, you have your own direct connection to your business that only your business can access to eliminate downtime.

What You Get - The Technology:

  • Reliability – Service Level Agreement
  • Guaranteed and Scalable Bandwidth
  • Secure IP Data Transport – VLAN
  • Pro-active Network Monitoring
  • Flexible IP Addressing
  • Own Private Network
  • Synchronous Speeds
  • Static IP Address
  • Higher Security
  • Priority Bit

Boost Your Company’s Performance & Efficiency



Virtually worry-free installation, usually within 5-15 days, allowing you to meet a variety of business needs—from quick customer transactions to fast website performance.



Reliability you can count on—optimal performance, scalability, and great security features. Service Level Agreements for site availability and time to restore, supported by a fully redundant network design. 


Highly Secure

Proactive monitoring and technical support, so problems are resolved before they affect your business. 



Class of service enables peak performance for VoIP, high-definition video conferencing, and other high priority applications.


High Capacity

Support multiple employees that need simultaneous Internet access.



Synchronous speeds of up to 1 Gig download and upload speed.

A Team That’s Committed To Your Business

Each customer engagement is its own unique and individual high-tech project with a human touch most service providers can’t match. Our proven methodology has assisted many enterprise customers in successfully migrating to RTC services and transforming their business as a result.

More than just an internet connection, Intelecyn Metro E  is your complete solution: offering symmetric access, guaranteed provisioning and around the clock technical support. You will experience the quality and performance you need to conduct business over the Internet with confidence.

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